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Trail cameras expose the secrets of the wilderness. Hunters use trail cameras to identify game trails and wallows used by wildlife. Wildlife biologists use trail cameras to track migration patterns and understand species population. Game wardens use cameras to prevent poaching and the destruction of public land. Land owners use cameras for property surveillance and home security. Much of this information is often lost, however, because trail cameras are frequently stolen.

Most trail cameras are placed at game height and are thus easily accessible. Placing a camera mount higher in a tree, out of reach, requires carrying a ladder deep into the woods and then making multiple trips up and down the ladder to aim the camera on the trail. Alternatively, one can shimmy up the tree while trying to carry and then position the delicate camera equipment. But neither of these options are easy or convenient.

The SpyHigh® Mounting System is the solution to both your theft and accessibility dilemmas with trail cameras. Our unique mounting system has a support that is placed high up in a tree through the use of extension poles. Once installed, the camera is both adjustable and removable from the ground.

See our instruction manual for details about using your SpyHigh® camera mount system. 

Watch our instructional videos on how to properly set up and use the SpyHigh® Camera Mount to its fullest potential.

CLOSE UP VIEW – Retrieval of Camera (with audio)

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