About Us

Founded in 2015, SpyHigh Mounting System is primed to become a leader in the trail camera mount industry. The idea for the SpyHigh® camera mount was born while Inventor/Owner Steve DeMers was toting a ladder around the forest one day, adjusting trail cameras. Because most trail cameras are placed at game height, they are easily accessible and thus often stolen. Up until now, the only solutions have been to either physically scale trees to place them out of view and reach, or purchase a lock box, which often times gets stolen, as well. Adjusting the camera after the fact proved to be challenging and time-consuming than necessary. Steve was convinced there had to be a better way.

Using his 32 years of professional wildlife experience, Steve developed the revolutionary design for the SpyHigh® Mounting System. With the help of Simon Evans, Co-Inventor/Owner, family friend, machinist, and gunsmith, a prototype of the camera mount was created. The patented design is receiving more interest by the day from nationally known companies.

Wanting to keep the business in the family, Steve brought in his son-in-law and daughter, Brad and Michelle Marten as Owners, to handle the business and marketing side. Today, Steve, Brad, Michelle and Simon make up  the team of the SpyHigh® Mounting System.

From government agencies and hunters to land owners and campers, the SpyHigh® Mounting System  is transforming the way trail cameras are used. Not only does the camera mount system allow for easy installation and adjustment, but it practically eliminates the high frequency of camera abduction that has long plagued the industry.

The staff of SpyHigh® Mounting System is committed to delivering quality products that increase the security, accessibility, and versatility of the trail camera mount industry. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and look forward to your questions and business.

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